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Our philosophy 

All with probity and care

We are not only a company engaged in production of lumber for carpenter and builders, logging and selling of timber, but also in management of forests suitable for investment.

Investment of 500 million


Currently we are in negotiating a buy-out of manufacture space of 3 hectares in Břasy, in the western part of Czech Republic.

There, we plan on establishing carpenter lumber manufacture on two front lines. Further, we plan on using the method of kiln drying. These kilns will be supplied by the wastes of the manufacture program, which will dramatically decrease the cost of operations. Another component of this, will be manufacture of fire material, granule, wood coal cakes, fire wood etc. With this kind of operation run, we will achieve the manufature and valuation profit entirely. Our wood and investment will then appreciate to zero waste.

– Daily –

We sell wood which makes  great business commodity.

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